Client Results

Nigel's Story

Before I started training with Andy I'd always been skeptical as to what benefits a PT could bring, but At 56 and having spent 30 years in the corporate world was at least a stone overweight, lacked energy, slept badly and needed to do something about it!

Andy introduced me to the benefits of eating the right foods and a training plan aimed at fat loss, improving posture, increasing energy levels.

I trained with Andy twice a week and by myself three more times mixing upper and lower body sessions, hard work but varied and enjoyable. Just eight weeks later I'd lost 1 1/2 stone and my body fat was noticeably reduced.

I'm delighted with the results I've gained training with Andy and my eating plan a part of my lifestyle. Now 11 months on, I've lost over two stone and my body fat is down even more, I have loads more energy and get a good 7-8 hours sleep most nights!

“I’ve lost over two stone, my body fat is down, I have loads more energy and get a good 7-8 hours sleep most nights!”

Nik's Story

A big thank you to Andy for helping me to achieve these results. Looking back a few months ago, I actually didn’t realise how out of shape I’d gotten. I’m also surprised at how quickly the results have come, just from adding some structure to my diet and training I now feel leaner, stronger and more confident to be able to take my shirt off on the beach.

Andy has been understanding of me and fit a plan to me and my lifestyle, meaning that I’ve still been able to have a beer at the weekends and have control of my diet, so that I can enjoy what I’m eating

“I’ve still been able to have a beer at the weekend”

Emma's Story

After far too long thinking I was fairly fit and healthy, a summer of indulgence was the final straw that led both myself and my husband to signing up with Andy in September 2016... It’s easily the best decision we’ve ever made.

We train for an hour two times a week and Andy really puts us through our paces. What I particularly enjoy about Andy’s sessions is that he focuses on embedding the correct technique for each exercise and then, just when you start to get a little more comfortable, he ups the weight or adapts the movement and challenges you all over again.

There are inevitably times when, especially at 6am you’re feeling a little bit tired and less than motivated but Andy doesn’t allow you to work at anything other than your hardest, with simple, purposeful yet supportive encouragement to not stop until the reps are complete!

“Without doubt, I’m in the best shape since my late teens”

Matt's Story

Since finishing playing rugby in the summer of 2012 I had struggled to maintain any form of fitness. I had focused on my coaching commitments at school, club and representative level and had formed lazy habits around exercising, eating and drinking.

Then on top of this, I had Bell's Palsy in April 2016 which only lasted a month but it affected my balance badly so I could not exercise at all for 3 months. I then went on holiday to Canada for a month in August 2016 and when I returned I was a whopping 15 stone - this was the heaviest I had ever been by a long way.

With all of these things combined, I got in touch with Andy to try and build sustainable habits in the gym and with my diet. Andy's expertise throughout has been priceless and, although it has been hard work getting out of bed at 5.30am every weekday morning, I have now dropped to 13 stone (2 stone lost) and feel in the shape of my life!  

Andy has provided brilliant personalised support throughout and has certainly opened my eyes to the importance of diet when training. I now feel fresh and energised rather than sluggish!

I have completed this with my wife and the changes Andy has helped us implement has made a huge difference to our diet - we now batch cook meals to take to work on a Sunday for the week ahead so we are both accountable to each other.

“ I now feel fresh and energised rather than sluggish!”

Mark's Story

I came back from Australia after 3 months of travelling, having done very little exercise and having paid very little attention to my diet. When I arrived home I decided that I needed to do something about it and contacted Andy.

I have always been involved in sport having played all sports at school and having played cricket to a very high level. I have also always been a keen gym goer but always felt like my training lacked structure and that my diet needed monitoring to make sure I was eating the right things. My goals were pretty vein in that ultimately I wanted to look better.

Andy started educating me on my diet, giving me guidelines on what to eat and when, in order to maximise performance and
my results.

“I now feel far healthier as well as being far more confident in myself.“